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Keeping out the Chill
According to the London Assembly Environment Committee, overcrowding, low quality housing, fuel poverty as well as energy saving retrofit measures without proper ventilation, have all contributed to making too many London residents struggle.

People living in conditions such as cold, damp and mouldy homes, often faced challenges with their mental and physical health.

Keeping Out the Chill, a new report published by LAEC said that it did not need to be expensive for most of the solutions to be made. The report sets out a series of measures that would bring more homes in London up to a more acceptable standard for their residents’ health and comfort. For all your Central heating requirements in Chatham, call Maxiheat on 01634 868005.

Boiler Maintenance Service Plan – Is It Worth It?
Coming into the summer months, central heating feels like a distant memory and not something we should be worrying about.

It is often the case that we only think about our boilers when they make an alarming noise or stop working, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Problems always tend to arise at inconvenient times, mid-way through a shower or during a cold spell, and often it can take days to see an engineer in these times.

Getting your boiler serviced yearly can prevent those untimely mishaps and expensive repair call outs and ensure your gas or oil boiler is safe and working effectively and efficiently.

To find out more about regular boiler checks and repairs in Chatham, visit

Give your Heating a Spring Clean
The oil heating industry body OFTEC has produced a ‘spring clean’ checklist for householders to reduce the cost of fuel bills during the warmer months.

Tips include adjusting the timers on your heating systems to ensure they now run on shorter days after the long and cold winter. Checking and reducing radiator temperatures throughout the house could also reduce costs as well as turning off heaters in unused areas of the house.

They have also suggested now as a good time to get your boiler serviced by a GasSafe engineer or OFTEC registered technician. Making a few small checks to your heating during your spring clean could save you quite a bit of money.

For Boiler Servicing and Repairs in Chatham from a GasSafe engineer, contact A.S.Maxiheat.

Unsafe Boiler work on the rise.

Recent information gathered by the Gas Safe Register’s Investigation team has shown that in outer London 70% of illegal jobs carried out were found to be unsafe. This is a worrying statistic when the results of using an unqualified, non Gas Safe registered plumber to carry out work in your home can be fatal. Similar results were found across most of the major cities from London to Edinburgh.

Any plumbing work on your boiler, must be carried out be a Gas Safe registered plumber, by law, cutting corners by asking a friend of a friend is a very dangerous route to take. Always look for the Gas Safe logo when employing a plumber and ask to see their ID before agreeing to let them carry out any work. For a fully qualified Gas Engineer in Chatham, call maxi heat on 01634 868005.

Accidents in the home.
Our homes can be hazardous places every year around 6000 people die as a result of an accident at home. The probability of having an accident at home increases with age, with those aged 65 and over at greatest risk. The bathroom is one area where risks are higher with potentially slippery floors and hard surfaces. If you are considering updating your bathroom or shower there are a few things you can do to make the bathroom safer for everyone.

Although a young family will have different requirements to an older couple safe flooring should be an option for both. Slippery tiles are dangerous not only for the older generation but exuberant youngsters running into a bathroom with a wet floor is a recipe for disaster.

Modern wet-room design is exciting and functional and can be used by all the family, safely and conveniently. Talking to a local bathroom design specialist will help you decide on the best design and layout for your family. They can advise on under floor heating, general plumbing work and Oil boiler repairs in Maidstone that will be needed.

Oil fired boilers in Chatham
When looking for someone to install or maintain an oil fired boiler it’s important to choose an OFTEC registered plumber. OFTEC is the UK’s trade association which maintains and promotes standards of excellence within the industry. Similar to the Gas Safe system OFTEC registered plumbers have to be trained according to government standards to work on oil fired boilers and cooking appliances.

OFTEC plumbers all have specific training at an approved place of training before they can apply for registration and have to be reassessed every 5 years to maintain their membership. Every OFTEC plumber carries an official identity card so that you can be sure they are qualified to work on your oil fired boiler.

By choosing a Gas Safe and OFTEC registered plumber such as Maxi Heat to install or maintain your central heating in Chatham, you can be certain that you will receive the best and safest service available.

Gas Engineers in Medway
AS Maxiheat are OFTEC registered gas engineers and plumbers, who can provide replacement domestic gas boilers or repair a current gas boiler from nearly all of the major manufacturers. The latest Replacement Gas boilers are fuel efficient, which will save hundreds of pounds on the average home energy bills, and many come with a long parts and labour warranties. Please call for a free quotation to supply and Install a new Gas Boiler from any of the leading manufacturers.

Pressure is mounting on the Government to introduce a boiler scrappage scheme to address the problem of carbon emissions.An independent report commissioned by OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) shows that a replacement boiler scheme would be 5 times more successful at reducing carbon emissions than the current Renewable Heat Incentive. Comparisons were based on either:

  • Renewable heat technology part funded by RHI
  • or a new high efficiency condensing oil boiler

It generally costs the taxpayer around £5,000 in RHI payments to incentivise installation of renewable energy technology with the householder having to find around £7,000 in upfront costs, they can also expect their annual heating bill to increase by almost 300% from £564 to £1,453 a year.

Whereas the same £5,000 could benefit 12 households wanting to upgrade their existing inefficient oil fired boilers by introducing a £400 cash back scheme, the upfront costs would be approximately £1,600 and their annual fuel bill would reduce by about £158 a year (based on the current average annual price of heating oil).

From an ecological point of view the carbon savings for all 12 homes would be 19.56 tonnes every year, compared to just 3.49 tonnes for the single ASHP home – a 560% improvement in carbon reduction.

Jeremy Hawksley, director general of OFTEC, the oil firing technical association, said: “It’s difficult to ignore the compelling argument for a national boiler replacement scheme that our research provides. By continuing to fund the flagging RHI (and ignoring boiler replacement) the government is forfeiting the chance to save 16.07 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum for every £5,000 of expenditure. "The UK needs carbon reduction and energy efficiency schemes which will make a decisive change. We believe that many homeowners would buy into the concept of bringing forward their boiler replacement because it would reduce their heating bills and is good for the environment, for boiler replacements in Chatham call Maxi heat on 01634 868005.

"Unless you are very wealthy, the domestic RHI is unattractive due to the high installation costs of renewable heating technologies like heat pumps; the disruption installation often means for homes (e.g. new large radiators or underfloor heating, improved insulation) and consumers’ energy bills actually increase.

"A simple boiler replacement scheme would be more affordable and easier to implement for homeowners, so take up would be much higher, resulting in a far higher cumulative reduction in carbon emissions.